Market Research at the Speed of Conversation

SociaLabra helps marketers quickly understand their customers better. It does so by providing brands, agencies and researchers a comprehensive, self-serve, cloud-based platform, and apps that enable them to recruit audiences on demand and automate testing. This ultimately provides powerful consumer insights that evolve as one tests different brand variables, and delivers them continuously in infographic form, integrated with all the legacy knowledge about the consumer target that already exists.

No more sifting through countless spreadsheets for the nugget that matters. As one modifies the brand’s offer from any web-enabled device and consumers react, one tracks those changes visually, in the moment. Overlay oceans of legacy data with real-time conversations that create a three-dimensional map of engagement with the brand, and watch as it happens.

SociaLabra’s Market Research Cloud™ builds on new question formats – visual and interactive – and conversations, rather than processes that interrogate and prompt answers. Eliciting an emotional rather than simply a rational response translates into richer and more varied data for analysis.

  • Brands and marketers select research audiences on-demand or utilize their own customer data.
  • Brands and marketers control interactions – or transactions – with respondents who are relevant to the brand.
  • Market Research Cloud™ functions like a utility with an ‘always on’ research mode that enables continuous conversations and engagement with participants, no matter where or how they are connected.
  • SociaLabra’s team of experts are always there to lend a hand from beginning research to end analysis. It’s up to marketers how much DIY or assistance is required.

The right audience. The art and speed of conversation. Absolute control in the hands of marketers. Deep and accurate insight. Affordability. This really is the evolution of market research.

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