Finding Your Niche Community = Bull’s Eye


Project Description

This study was able to test comparative theories surrounding survey type, panel engagement, and the conversion of respondents to brand advocates. A CAPI/MCAPI Concurrent Comparative Study was run from August 9-August 15, 2014. The survey was incentivized in the from of a prize draw via sponsors L’Oreal Paris and Sears Canada. The objective was to assess the effectiveness of using a niche community as a recruiting pathway compared to ad recruitment across select websites using real-time bidding platforms (RTB).

Project Detail

  • Client: Female Social Media Network
  • Date: August 15, 2014
  • Category: Online Niche Community Study
Due to the relative stability of clicks per impressions despite disparities in influences featured, the pilot was able to substantiate SociaLabra’s hypothesis that niche community provide a better recruiting platform than RTB.
David Wiszniowski, Market Research Consultant

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