Select Any Audience On Demand

Choose a target audience by demographics from your customer data, our pool of data and data service providers or recruit an audience on the fly using our global ad networks.

Survey, demographic, and audience funnel

Select a Research Campaign Type

Our tools are designed to address most market research needs. Choose the tool that best meets your objectives or add your own tool to customize results. Combine tools in a single research campaign to optimize your sampling results.

Configure Any Query/Interaction

Our unique technology enables you to configure queries using any combination of text, images, video, etc. to improve consumer engagement through rich experience and play.


Monitor Research Progress in Real Time

Launch and monitor research campaigns in progress, change queries midstream, and obtain preliminary results in real-tine as your campaign continues.

Real-time analytics

Define the Analysis Reporting You Need

Select a report style and automatically produce analysis that can be used
quickly in telling an impactful story or export interaction data for deeper
analysis using your own tools.

visual infographic versus text report

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