How do I register to set up an account?

Today, you must contact SociaLabra and provide a name and email address to initiate an account. In the future this process will be fully self-serve from our website.

What research services do you provide today?

We are offering visual polls and surveys. A number of question types are supported such as sliders, multiple choice, forms, ranking and rating grids. Forums are being added later this year.

How much does this service cost?

On average Market Research Cloud services cost 70% less than traditional market research services.

How do I pay for this service?

SociaLabra will invoice you. In the future credit card payments will be accepted by the platform.

What professional services do you offer?

SociaLabra works with innovative market research partners who can help design your questionnaire as well as provide data analysis and reporting.

Can I use my own customer data?

You can your own customer data for audience recruiting purposes.

How quickly can I expect to see results?

This depends on whether you are recruiting a fresh audience or accessing our research panel data providers. It is possible to get results in as little as three days using existing panels.

How can I manage my research campaigns?

We provide a self-serve platform and a dashboard where you can manage all your research campaigns.

Do I own my own data?

You own the research results and any customer data you add to the platform.

Can I add my own research tool?

An API will be available later this year to enable you to plug your favorite research tool into our platform.

Can I use my analyst to analyze data?

A CSV file is provided so your analyst can undertake any analysis using any statistical tool.

Do you offer a white label solution?

SociaLabra provides a white label solution to channel partners who commit to a multi-year joint sales and marketing plan.

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